End of Financial Year Tax Planning Checklist


This blog serves as a guideline for what you need to have prepared before rolling over into the new financial year. The information is presented in summary form and intended only to draw your attention to issues you should further discuss with your accountant. Please do not act on this information without further consultation from [...]

End of Financial Year Tax Planning Checklist2021-09-08T09:32:15+10:00

What is the Right Structure for my Business?


Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or questioning your current structure, the right structure for your business impacts more than you realise. In fact, it can affect certain areas such as legal compliance, minimising your tax payable and even discounts on Capital Gains Tax. What is a Business Structure? A business or organizational structure [...]

What is the Right Structure for my Business?2021-05-10T09:54:08+10:00

How to Choose an Accountant


Whether you’re running a major company or a small business just starting out, having an accountant to manage your books is an essential step. This selection process is not just about picking the first Google Search that comes up. You need to find an experienced individual or business that you can trust with your [...]

How to Choose an Accountant2021-03-10T13:21:16+11:00

Plan to Succeed | Tax Planning Strategies For Your Business


Whether you’re an individual or a business, we’re all asking the same question - how to minimise our tax bill effectively? While the short answer is to implement various strategies - also known as tax planning - there’s a lot more to it than just looking at your financials one week before having to [...]

Plan to Succeed | Tax Planning Strategies For Your Business2021-03-10T13:08:26+11:00
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