Our computer applications are multi-user, multi-company and integrated into our accounting management services.

Additional modules have been developed at clients requests and specification using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports and SQL Server.

The key accounting modules cover:

  • Accounting (Payable, Receivable, Cash Book, General Ledger, Service Tax Invoice, Payroll, Fixed Assets).
  • Wholesaler/Distribution (Stock control, Sales Orders/Invoicing, Backorders, Quotes, Purchases, Receipts and Sales Analysis)
    • Stock Control and Sales Features (Stock records, multiple warehouse options, product lines, full integration with payables, receivables and purchases, stock take, serial number tracking and much more)
  • Transport (Location, zones, Pickup, Manifesting, on-forward agencies, Rates, Connotes processing, Taxi Truck, Tax Invoices, Adjustments, Customer Service, Imaging, EDI import and export).
  • Transport and distribution Consultants (Multi-carriers Rates, re-pricing of invoices, approval form, variance report and freight cost analysis).
  • Freight Distribution/Dispatch (Multi-carrier, freight rates and pricing, labels, connotes, carrier manifests, integration with existing user application, EDI import/export, customer services, Freight cost analysis and pallet control).
  • Distribution Costing and Control (Multi-Carrier, Reverse Billing, POD matching, Reconciliation of Carrier invoice with dispatched consignment note record, integration with internal Accounts Payable, Freight cost analysis reporting and charting).
  • Warehouse storage and charging (Storage control, Invoicing on pallet movement, stock take and storage).
  • Job Costing (construction and building industry).
  • Resort (guest booking details, room categories, room configurations, room rates and guest account rendered).
  • Special programs (medical patient records and accounting, Carwash control and accounting module)
  • Internet Module (online order entry and Transport pickup/delivery, rate calculation and enquiry)

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