The computer applications are multi-user, multi-company and integrated. The key modules cover:

  • Accounting (Payable, Receivable, Cash Book, General Ledger, Service Tax Invoice, Payroll, Fixed Assets).
  • Wholesaler/Distribution (Stock control, Sales Orders/Invoicing, Backorders, Quotes, Purchases, Receipts and Sales Analysis)
    • Stock Control and Sales FeaturesĀ (Stock records, multiple warehouse options, product lines, full integration with payables, receivables and purchases, stock take, serial number tracking and much more)
  • Transport (Location, zones, Pickup, Manifesting, on-forward agencies, Rates, Connotes processing, Taxi Truck, Tax Invoices, Adjustments, Customer Service, Imaging, EDI import and export).
  • Transport and distribution Consultants (Multi-carriers Rates, re-pricing of invoices, approval form, variance report and freight cost analysis).
  • Freight Distribution/Dispatch (Multi-carrier, freight rates and pricing, labels, connotes, carrier manifests, integration with existing user application, EDI import/export, customer services, Freight cost analysis and pallet control).
  • Distribution Costing and Control (Multi-Carrier, Reverse Billing, POD matching, Reconciliation of Carrier invoice with dispatched consignment note record, integration with internal Accounts Payable, Freight cost analysis reporting and charting).
  • Warehouse storage and charging (Storage control, Invoicing on pallet movement, stock take and storage).
  • Job Costing (construction and building industry).
  • Resort (guest booking details, room categories, room configurations, room rates and guest account rendered).
  • Special programs (medical patient records and accounting, Carwash control and accounting module)
  • Internet Module (online order entry and Transport pickup/delivery, rate calculation and enquiry)

Additional modules have been developed at clients requests and specification using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports and SQL Server.