COADS Accounting Systems Pty Ltd (“COADS”) is based on over 30 years practical experience in developing computer based accounting system for small to large sized businesses. The members of the development team have formal computer and accounting qualifications. The work experience of developers includes employment with large commercial companies, government instrumentalities and prominent consulting and accounting firms.

The COADS concept emerged from the need to develop a computer solution that could be personalised to satisfy specific client and/or industry type requirement. The scope of the work was to develop and deliver a window based solution with the following key objectives:

  • The design and structure of the system must be flexible and easily modified.
  • The features of the computer application must be comprehensive and easy to implement.
  • The computer solution must provide a secure data integrity environment.
  • The system must allow users to grow without the need to upgrade software.
  • The application must be proactive to the development of new features and be open for integration with office products, Internet and other related applications.